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Time - poiesis (2013-2014)

Co-production: Hiroki Yoshioka

Material: Fixed-point video of living things, resin for 3D printers

Video courtesy

Mictyris guinotae                       Yudai Nishiyama                 Osaka University
Physarum polycephalum            Masaki  Yamachiyo             Kobe University
Formica japonica                        Shunpei Hisamoto              Waseda University
Carassius auratus                       Tomoya Ishibashi                Waseda University
Cyanobacteria Pseudanabaena sp. ILC 545    Yu Tokaibayashi  Waseda University

"Time-poiesis" is an attempt to make time change into a physical form by taking advantage of the characteristics of a medium that outputs a complex three-dimensional object by laminating resin using a 3D printer. The data obtained by converting the time axis of a fixed-point image that captures the movement and growth of living things into height was output by a 3D printer and used as a sculpture. The images used were provided by researchers of each organism. Time changes such as crystals, strata, and the development of organisms are deeply involved in morphogenesis. Our concept of time is accompanied by the image of going past all matter, but rather it is the one that interprets and integrates the time of various life and matter through our own body. .. Fixed-point images used in scientific research can be treated as two-dimensional data, and the amount of information is less than in a complicated natural environment, which is convenient for analysis. This data is re-embodied by procedures using different technologies. A form of nature that is different from the original nature appears there.

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