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Sensors, Muscles, Circles (2016)

Co-production: Yuki Takada, Keita Kakutani, Harutaro Kokubo, Shin Hanagata

Material: Luminescent paint, low frequency treatment device Elepulse, tilt sensor, piezo element, glass plate, wood, etc.

3331α Art Hack Day 2016 A performance installation work produced in "Technology as a Life Form". By showing complex movements / trajectories expressed by simple "sensor" and "motor (muscle)" movements through the human body as a medium, we ask what life is.


1. The two participants take a pen, face each other and draw a line through the glass.

2. The vibration of the pen tip of one participant becomes an input to the sensor and is output as an electrical stimulus to the arm muscle of the other participant.

3. Muscle contraction due to electrical stimulation creates new unexpected vibrations and becomes a new input to the sensor.

4. This repetition causes a feedback loop. Participant's arm begins to move away from the participant's will to draw, drawing complex and autonomous lines on the glass surface.

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