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Hanna Saito 


She graduated from Tama Art University (Craft Department, Glass Course) with a bachelor's degree in Fine Art. After graduating, she joined metaPhorest (biological / bio-media art platform)in the Laboratory for Molecular Cell Network & Biomedia Art, at Waseda University as an artist and visiting researcher. Since 2021, she enrolled in the Doctoral Program in the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, The University of Tokyo (Yasuaki Kakehi Lab.) She’s creating artworks using scientific glass production techniques, organisms, organic matter, image analysis, etc.. She’s main themes are to reconsider the borders of nature/society, human/non-human, and the indivisibility of the expresser and the object of the expression at the interdisciplinary viewpoint.

< Exhibition History >

2013 Biomedia Art Exhibition / 3331Arts Chiyoda Akibatamabi 21

2013 – 2014 Open Space 2013 “BioAesthetics Open Lab” / ICC

2014 Materializing Exhibition 2 / Tokyo University of the Arts Museum The 

        Chinretsukan Gallery

        37th Anual Meeting of Molecular Biology Science & Art Planning Poster 


2015 Independent Exhibition “Ontological Snip” / Gallery HIGURE

        Independent Exhibition “Beyond the Farthest Plane” / 3331Arts Chiyoda 

         Akibatamabi 21

2016 KENPOKU ART 2016 (Hideo Iwasaki + metaPhorest)

2016 – 2017 Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics  Exhibition / 

                  Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University

2019 Tsukuba Science Art Exhibition / Sakura Minkaen, Tsukuba

         WRO Media Art Biennale 2019 / Wroclaw, Poland

2020 Non Human Control Exhibition / TAV Gallery

     ROOMS 41 / Shinjuku Sumitomo Building, Sankaku  Hiroba

2021 Jack into the Noösphere, Mihamaen (Japanese Garden)

        Re-Display: Instruction and Protocol / The University Art Museum, 

        Tokyo University of the Arts

        3331 Art Fair / 3331

        Open Space 2021 New Flatland / ICC

        Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics Exhibition: Hard Problem of  

        Aesthetic Consciousness / Informer Nakagawa-villege art museum, Bee Art       

         Museum, Ex Ceramics Studio

        Ghostliness / Ghost

        Mother Nature – Interactions Between Women, Nature and Culture / N&A Art



< Research history >

2013  Japanese Society for Cell Synthesis Research / Poster Presentation 

2016  31st International Congress of Psychology / Oral presentation

         Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Grants (C) “Possibility of Art in 

         Global Art Industry” Second Public Workshop “Life Manipulation 

         Technique = Art, Its Present and Future-Biotechnology Bioart” /Lecturer

2017 Society for Cocreationology 1st Annual Meeting / Oral presentation

2018 7th Annual The Japanese Society for Ecological Psychology symposium / Oral 


< Awards >

2014 Finalist / Curate Award 2014 sponsored by Prada Foundation and 

        Qatar Museum of Art (participated in curation plan 'metaPhorest' by Kazuhito 

        Hanyu and Hiroki Yoshioka as an artist)

2015 nominated / “Revital HgS” (in the name of the performer when 

        nominated)  / 19th Student CG Contest

2016 the jury award (Yoichi Ochiai Award) / “sensors, muscles, circles” /

        art hack day “Technology as a Life Form”

2017 nominated / "Senses of Light" / 21st Student CG Contest

2020 "Eaten Colors Ver.2" won the FRaU Ethical Award at ROOMS41

< Others >

2020 Contributed of an article "Turing Test of Stone: Living as Thinking Matter" to

         the Special Issue on Panpsychism, Gendai Shiso (Japanese contemporary

         philosophy magazine), June 2020 

2021 Shoes × Culture #13 Slip-ons in gorgeous colors Designed by Slime Molds - The

         Art of Shoes, ABC Mart / web publication

    Participated in the discussion project "Futurology, Again: Sakyo Komatsu's 

        Actuality Questioned from Practice / Gendai Shiso October 2021 Extra Edition

        Special Feature: Sakyo Komatsu

       Contributed to a short article the 40th anniversary special issue (No. 213) of the 

       design magazine AXIS / "Messages from Creators" in "Perspectives for Future 


       Contributed to a short review of the movie "Solaris" for WIRED JAPAN vol.42

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