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aPrayer: A memorial service for the unseen creatures (2016)

Co-production: Hideo Iwasaki, Mio Iizawa, Shiryu Kirie

Video production cooperation: Rikuo Ihara, Hiroto Watanabe, Daiki Matsuoka

An interdisciplinary thinking art project that spans the humanities and natural sciences, presented at KENPOKU ART 2016, the Ibaraki Kita Art Festival. In this project, based on the latest development of artificial cell research, by drawing an auxiliary line called "consolation" with hints such as experimental animal memorial service and memorial service of tools, human cells, human life and everyday awareness We will reconsider the life of small objects that are rare, our own view of life that finds them, and the relationship between the scientific image of life and the daily and experiential view of life.


At the forefront of life science, artificial synthesis of cells and life is being attempted. On the other hand, the northern part of Ibaraki Prefecture, which was the venue, is a land where fermentation and brewing industries such as natto, soy sauce, and sake brewing are thriving. In addition to the video editing team including metaPhorest members of the biomedia art production and research group organized by Hideo Iwasaki, a professor of science and engineering at Waseda University and a researcher of life science, and students of Tama Art University, many With the cooperation of researchers, people involved in brewing and fermentation in the north of Ibaraki Prefecture, and local people, we will connect cutting-edge life science, the local fermentation industry, and customs related to traditional views of life and death.

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