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Eaten Colors (2020 - )


Ver1. Acrylic box, agar medium, slime mold (Physarum polycephalum, Physarum rigidum, Physarum nutans, species unknown), food coloring, methylene blue.  

Ver2. Clear torso (plastic), agar medium, cloth (lace, etc.), slime mold (Physarum rigidum), food coloring, dyeing agent for cut flowers, methylene blue, dead wood, wood chips.


Eaten Colors are works that continue to change according to microorganisms. Slime molds eats food dyed with pigmentation, and carries and spreads the color with itself. 


Slime molds may have "color preference", and its color pattern changes in accordance to the slime mold's choice. Moreover, microorganisms such as molds and bacteria that are attracted to slime mold foods and coexist or compete with slime molds also consist the patterns of the art work.  


 We human perceive colors by light through retina and neural system, but for slime molds, colors are also as of chemical substance and food. With this work, creator wants the viewer to feel the material and physical aspects of "color", that is usually thought to be processed as mere information. 


 Ver 1. was exhibited using a square clear box as a painting that continues to change due to slime molds. It was exhibited at the "Non-Human Control Exhibition" held at the TAV Gallery and some other exhibitions. Ver 2. was exhibited at "ROOMS BIO PROJECT" held at the fashion trade show ROOMS sponsored by H.P.FRANCE as an installation using clear torso.

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