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Senses of Light (2017)

Co-production: Keita Kakutani, Shin Hanagata

​ Material: Brine shrimp, light face, acrylic board, salt water, webcam, etc.

This work was produced at Light Hack "Lightface and Draw, Future Light", an event that creates works using the lighting device "Lightface", which is flat, thin, and shines uniformly. Light has meaning for various living things, but its meaning and perceptual form are diverse. In this work, brine shrimp, machines, and humans interact through the interpretation term of light, while having completely different perceptual forms. Plankton's brine shrimp, which has the property of gathering in the light, is swimming on the water thinly pasted on the squares of nine square light faces. The upper camera captures the movement of the brine shrimp, and the program darkens the squares where the brine shrimp are gathered. When the brine shrimp moves over the other bright squares, the dark squares darken again, creating an overall circulation structure. The viewer, the human being, interacts unpredictably with a program that cannot distinguish between shrimp and human by holding his hand over the entire structure.

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